Roof trusses

In accordance with the implementation and type of construction, we manufacture various roof trusses and constructions made of fresh or dry solid wood, lengthwise fused KVH or lamellated BSH wood.

In the year 2014 we modernised our production with the new CNC machine Hundegger- K2i, which is supported with computer software, used for the construction and drawing of working plans of composed elements for roof constructions.

All technological processes are automatic, cutting and the use of material are optimised and the quality of the products is consistent. The software enables us a direct transfer of data into the CNC machine, which removes disturbance in the process and errors, which could be caused by the human factor.

With the method of roof truss production that we employ at the company Egoles d.o.o., the work is more precise, the wooden bindings are more modern and the assembly in the field fast, precise and without improvisation.