Roof trusses

An economical protection of vehicles from weather influences can be achieved by various types of canopies. Often, they are sought in combination of a space for a vehicle and external tools.

We build canopies both in modern and classical shapes, intended for the covering of terraces, parking spots... vehicle canopies may be freely standing, a part of an existing building, or within the context of a garden shed.

We have several types of wooden canopies in our production programme (for a car, canopy for a holiday house or the entrance canopy, a garden house, etc.), which differ in implementation and size.

According to the location, they can be built as individual units or placed next to a building. These canopies are  a quick and price efficient solution for the protection of vehicles. We offer the possibility of assembly in phases and connection of buildings into a series for several vehicles.

The basic construction is made from dried, planed and moisture proofed wood. Upon request, we also offer a surface coating. The construction is statically dimensioned for covering with light roofing (tegola, tin...) with average snow loads for central Slovenia.

Canopies for the covering of terraces and balconies, canopies above entrances, vehicle canopies, bicycle area canopies, restaurant canopies, industrial, storage and other surface covering.

We create canopies according to the wishes of the client, plans of your architect or our expert. We will, based on attached sketches, attempt to find the best solution together. Due to this individual approach, we may also adapt to the existing architecture.