Roof trusses

The shape of the roof depends on the number and angle of the roof areas and the types of roofing. By shape, we divide roofs into single, dual and multiple peak, very steep, steep, gently slanting and very gently slanting ones. The floor plan surface of a building may be covered with a roof from a single flat roof area or separately designed roof areas, or with a roof, composed from two or more, flat roof areas, divided by shape.

The most suitable wood for roof constructions is spruce or fir. Both are easy to purchase in the market and inexpensive. The processing is simple, whereby both types of wood have good flexible and elastic properties. The durability of both is intermediate (the important thing is to protect the wood from weather influences and brown and white rot).

Roof construction manufacture at the company Egoles d.o.o. is as follows:

  • drawing of construction with software, supported by the CNC machine.
  • Cutting by CNC machine
  • Complementing of cut parts to make the assembly as efficient as possible,
  • Creation of precise assembly plan,
  • Field assembly.